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Education Assistance & Scholarships

 Special Needs Scholarship Program

Scholarship for a private  K-12 students with IEPs and 504 plans. 249 private schools enrolled with an average scholarship of $6,672.

Georgia Childcare (caps)

CAPS - funding for childcare while you work, go to school or training, or work-related activities.

Complete an application (HERE)

Call 1-833-4GACAPS 

 Call (1-833-442-2277)

1st Generation College Scholarships

1,200 programs, scholarships and tools that are designed to help and support first-generation low-income students and professionals across the nation.

State & County assistance

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College scholarships sorted by deadline

Supporting Onsite Learning for Virtual Education  (SOLVE) Scholarship

Scholarships for Georgia families with public & charter school students.

Complete an application ONLINE



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